Monday, November 30, 2015

Lego Birthday Party!

Last Saturday was Lucy's lego birthday party!!! I let Lucy decide what invitations we should make. We found the idea here, and I downloaded the lego font here. They were pretty intense, but I love them. Totally worth the effort (especially since I only had to make 6). :)

It was Lucy's idea to write "Everything is awesome" on the back.

Lucy helped me make a lego banner for our living room. It turned out super cute. We had the idea to write "Lucy" on the dots instead of "Lego." Lucy wrote most of them herself. :)

The party was so much fun. First, we let the kids play with the giant castle blocks while we waited for everyone to arrive. They loved building the towers, but they especially loved knocking them down.

Then we let all the kids build cars out of legos, and raced them down the track (putting my old college research poster to good use). ;) They did a great job. It was fun to see the different cars they built.

Next was the lego pinata! All the credit for this goes to Logan. I was about ready to buy one or just put some crepe paper on a cardboard box, but Logan took the time to paper mache it and cover it with crepe paper (using this blog as a reference). I think it turned out amazing!

Next, by Lucy's request, we played pin the head on the mini-fig. I doctored up this printable so the kids could draw their own faces. I think it was my favorite part. So cute!

Next presents, and then decorating cupcakes! We used yellow frosting and had m&ms and licorice to make faces for their little cupcake mini-fig faces. It was fun -- plus who doesn't like decorating their own cupcake?

We also drew different faces on all the places. The kids loved it.

I bought some cute "party block" AKA lego treat bags at Zurchers, and filled them with matching "party block" stickers, lego candy, and these cool lego necklaces. The necklaces were a huge hit! They were the perfect little gift for these kids. Plus, the etsy seller was super accommodating and was willing to give me both pastel "friends" pieces, along with the gears and gauges (she just gave me the 9 necklaces I ordered, with a small bag filled with TONS of extra tiny pieces). I would totally buy these again.

Finally, the cake. Lucy chose everything for the cake. I think it turned out so cute! Plus it was super easy to make! It was a win-win. :) Happy birthday to my wonderful little 5 year old.

Lucy added the lego candy herself.

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  1. I'm glad my piñata tutorial was helpful! Yours turned out great. The whole party looks like so much fun!