Monday, January 20, 2014

Pirate Party!

Okay, okay.  I'm a little slow.  My dear Luz turned 3 in November, and I'm just now posting about it.  Oh, January.  You are so boring that I finally have time to post again!

Let me just say how happy I was that my little girl who was Cinderella for Halloween, wanted to have a pirate party for her birthday!  Yay for little girls who know they can be whatever they want to be! =)

After searching for a cute, not horribly expensive costume, and trying to avoid the awful, awful options they have for girls, I just decided to make her costume.

I modified this pattern to make a reversible red/black pirate vest.
I used this tutorial for the tiered skirt.
I used this tutorial for the red/black striped leggings.

For the sash I just cut a 4"x40" strip -- since it is a knit fabric and won't fray, I didn't worry about hemming it. Super easy. In fact, it was so easy, I made 4 more as party favors for the other kids.

Here are the invites I made.  I printed them out, burned the edges, and rolled them up to look like  pirate maps!

The party itself was a blast! First we had a treasure hunt, which I took absolutely no pictures of. Sigh.

Then we played a "walk the plank" game I found on this website. We had one kid walk the plank, while the other kids pretended to be tickle sharks, and would tickle them as they ran to the safety of the other room. The kids LOVED it. 

Luz walking the plank!

Then we played pin the eye-patch on the pirate. Luz is either super skilled at this game, or could see through the blindfold. =)

Then we all decorated cupcakes.  I got this pirate cupcake kit at Zurchers that had the pirate flags and cupcake wrappers. Super fun.  We used mini reese's peanut butter cups as pirate ships and sour patch kids as the little captain.

Our pirate Luz wanted a castle cake! =) 

Attack the castle!

Happy birthday, my sweet little pirate!


  1. Genius and adorable pirate party, in every detail.

  2. So fun and cute! (What are the pirate costumes for girls? We play pirate all the time here and it's the same for boy and girl pirates.)