Thursday, February 20, 2014

Piper's Butterfly Quilt and Pillow

 I'm so excited to finally show off Piper's quilt!  I love how bright and fun it is.  Perfect for my cute five year old niece!

Close up of the butterfly

The quilt I made is 45" wide -- the back fabric was 42" wide. Sigh. So, I bought some pink fabric to make it work, and went a little crazy with the details. I love how it turned out!

Detail of the back
I have made quilt a few quilts with matching stuffed animals or doll quilts (see the matching Robot, owl, bunny, doll quilt, and elephant I've made), and I'm afraid that now it's just expected of me! ;) For Piper's softie, I was inspired by these adorable butterfly pillows.

The front and back of the matching pillow!

Now I'm off to start on a quilt for baby IKE!


  1. LOVE your quilt!!! Hope did you do Piper's name and the butterflies? ALSO, did you see what I wrote about spray adhesive? You may already know that trick but it helped me a lot.