Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Trying out Embroidery

A few months ago I stumbled upon this darling embroidery pattern by September House. Although I have only ever dabbled in embroidery, I knew I had to make this for my Aunt, who is a librarian! I love the bright colors, and isn't the braided rug SO cute?

So I bought the pattern and tried it out! The pattern wasn't super detailed, and just said to use "different fill stitches" for the stack of books and the headband. So here are my tips: I used a simple satin stitch for the pink book, a Van Dyke stitch for the blue book, and a woven stitch for the green book. For the headband I used the herringbone stitch. I also used this tutorial to help with the chain stitch. So go try it out! Buy the pattern and stitch it up for your favorite librarian! =)

After I made the librarian embroidery, I got on an embroidery kick! I found another adorable pattern by Polka & Bloom that I needed to make for my sister! I love the whimsical sketch of the Eiffel Tower with the heart. The entire thing is stitched with a back-stitch, so it's a perfect way to practice!

Tune in next time for more of my embroidery kick! =)

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  1. Embroidery is fun. Also peaceful. (But putting it up before grandchild comes to visit is essential!)