Saturday, November 22, 2014

Monster Birthday Party!

Lucy decided that she wanted a monster party this year! We started off by making some monster invitations (kudos to my Mom for always making incredible party invitations -- I now feel like a party is not complete without them!).

Inspired by this pin

About 1 minute before the party started, I realized I had zero decorations, so I quickly cut out monster eyes and teeth for our door.  I think it turned out pretty cute!

To start off the party, we decorated monster party hats. I hot glued the eyes on the night before. No one likes it when their googly eyes fall off!

We also gave out little monster bracelets. Most of the kids had never seen a slap bracelet before, and they got a huge kick out of the monster grabbing onto their arm. =) I scored the bracelets at the dollar store for half off after Halloween, and then added the googly eyes. We also lucked out with some awesome monster candy on clearance at the dollar store too. There are advantages to throwing a monster party the week after Halloween.

After all the guest had arrived and decorated a hat, we went Monster School! We taught the kids how to ROAR and how to hide and then jump out to scare someone. We had a tunnel obstacle course, and then we all RAN as fast as monsters! We didn't get many pictures. It turns out that with 10 kids, Logan and I had our hands full! =)

Next was the pinata! Lucy found about pinatas about 6 months ago, and has been talking about having one ever since. Logan (the best husband ever!) made the pinata and added the yellow "fur." Lucy and I decorated it. It was only three layers of paper mache, so it was easy enough for 4 year olds to break it. Everyone got three turns to hit it before it broke. It was perfect.

Then presents and decorating monster cupcakes. One kid told me, "This is the best party of my entire life!" I think it was a success!



  1. SO cute! Esp love the invitations.

  2. It's always nice to receive life-changing gratitude from a little short person! You are a very clever mom. Thanks for sharing the fun ideas.