Monday, April 29, 2013

Baby shower!

Since I have two little girls, I am getting better and better at making presents for baby girls!  My cute friend Beckee just had a shower, and I had to make her some fun little girl things!

Chi was my awesome model! =)

First up: Ballet shoes onesie!  I followed the tutorial by Make it and Love it found here.  It's super fast and easy. Once I picked out my fabric and ribbon, it took me about 1/2 hour to finish.

Next up: Little baby booties.  I bought a pattern to make these here.  The pattern is super easy to follow with tons of pictures, and patterns for sizes 0-12 months.  Even a beginner sewer could follow this pattern! If you don't want to pay for a pattern, you can find other free tutorials online like this one  or this one.  Oh, and Chi just naturally posed like this.  Future ballerina?  =)

Don't you just love chubby baby legs???

I modified to laces a little bit from the pattern I bought.  After testing out many baby shoes, I found that hardly any actually stay on those little kicking feet.  So, I added a little tab in the back and threaded the laced through to tie them up ballerina style.  They passed the test! Chi kicked and kicked and kicked, and they stayed on!  Woot!

Here you can see the tab I sewed onto the back of the shoe

The problem with making shoes, is you have to make two, so it takes a little bit longer. =)  These took me about one hour.

Lastly: A little girly headband!  These rolled felt flowers are SOOO easy to make!  See how to make them here. This probably took me about 15 minutes (not counting the half an hour it took for me to decided how to place them on the headband. =D).

Feel free to copy my placement.;)

Now go!  Make a cute little homemade gift for your next baby shower!